Parks Protection Package



Public lands are for the public only as long as they are protected.

The Parks Protection Package (PPP) consists of three bills to protect three types of public lands which are natural resources, provide amenities and recreation, and generally make our lives more livable. The bills are important to communities across the Commonwealth: rural towns, suburbs, and especially cities where green areas and places for children to play are scarce.

The Public Lands Preservation Act  (H. 3438), also known as the Article 97 bill and the No-net-loss bill, would require that public lands acquired for natural resource purposes not be converted to other uses without demonstration of lack of a feasible alternative and replacement with equivalent natural resource land.

The Public Input Act (H. 2008) would provide for public notice and input to plans for significant physical alterations to state parks and other public natural resource lands.

 The Old Growth Forest Bill (H. 236) would protect old growth forests by establishing a system of permanent old growth forest reserves on state forests and reservations.


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